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H0 Slotcars: Massive price reduction on AW TJet and XT cars in the Sale/Trade area - could lay my hands on a reduced lot...  [...]

H0 Slotcars: I got a couple of JL Challengers for Trade/Sale with wheels matching body color...  [...]
also the AW 2022 Rel. Looney Tunes Space Jam for Trade/Sale...  [...]
and a Model Motoring GTO w/ whitewalls and Vincent´s Impala rims for Trade/Sale.  [...]

H0 Slotcars: Meanwhile I collected already a lot of customized slotcars (painted, decaled) from Craig Finney, so I decided to setup kind of a ´virtual´ area for him, which lists all the nice little customized beauties from all the other manufacturers.
Check it out...  [...]

H0 Slotcars: Triggered by delivery of the new Bauer/Vincent ´66 Dodge Chargers, I listed the new slotcars that newly accumulated until today...
As told - the new Bauer/Vincent Chargers in a new area...  [...]
a couple of Dashs (1936 Fords, Torino, Hot Rod Coupe, VW Beetle US, 70 Chevelle, 55 Chevy flamed)...  [...]
several Model Motorings from a collection (Plymouth GTX/Satellite, Chevelle Red Alert, 55 Chevy Bel Air flamed, Chevy Monte Carlo)...  [...]
several MEVs from a collection (´49 Ford, Stock cars Belvedere and Fireball Roberts, ´57 Pontiac)...  [...]
a couple of missing or customized Aurora TJets (Camaro, ´32 Pickup, El Camino, Cougar)...  [...]
customized and set cars from AW (Mach I, Dodge 330, Charger, Cougar)...  [...]
Sledge Pickups from RRR...  [...]
two Mustang Mach I from Nu-Rora...  [...]
several resin cars out of a collection from Stephan Gimbel (Alfa Tipo, Opel Olympia), Greg Gipe (Mad Max), Alexander Rabel (Giulia TZ) and others (´55 Chevy)...  [...]
once again a converted Brekina Setra S6 from Klaus Hübner...  [...]
and finally an old Marusan Ford 17M.  [...]
The new Vincent Charger and Impala rims can be seen also at the aftermarket rims/tires section!  [...]

H0 Slotcars: Available again for sale/trade: PTT Exclusive flamed TJet VW Beetle [...] and AW Exclusive red/gold XT Ford Eskort [...]

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