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H0 Slotcars: A small update for Pentecost:
Got a bunch of Road Race Replicas - some new Panthera GT5, some very old Rivieras and a Boss 429...  [...]
a couple of Nu-Rora El Caminos...  [...]
a couple of resins from partly unknown makers (MGB GT, Alfa GTV, El Camino)...  [...]
a Dash VW Beetle, a MoMo Plymouth...  [...]
an old Faller VW Bus, a converted VW Kuebelwagen...  [...]
a customized AW Challenger...  [...]
and finally the new Bauer PS-Slots VW 1600TL.  [...]
Also have a look at Vincents new VW Steel 4-lug rim!  [...]
In addition a couple of new items are to be sold/exchanged: the new AW exclusive Ford Eskort MK1 and two IROC sets from Dash (4x Cheetah and 4x Mustang Mach I).  [...]

H0 Slotcars: I had planned to publish new cars only as soon as the new Bauer BMW arrives, but this seems to take another couple of months, so here is what I added in Q1 to the gallery:
New Bauers: the new NSUs, an Opel Rekord, an Alfa Rallye Monte-Carlo and a GTV 2000 Trofeo (PS), the Porsche 356 little Bastard for NJH and the MGB Racing (PS)  [...]
New Auto Worlds: the new 2023 Thunderjet Release #1 as well as - thanks to my buddy Stephen - the last two Willys iWheels to complete the AW collection!  [...]
Also a couple of MEV (SCarab IV, 64 Marauder and 350 Shelby GT)  [...]
... a couple of Nu-Roras (El Caminos, Camaro Z28, Mach I)  [...]
... a couple of Road Race Replica BOSS 302 from the blue and rwb team  [...]
... as well as a couple of Fallers (converted BMW, painted Jag E-Type and cust. VW Police Van)  [...]
... and finally a Dash Torino, a 62 Sunliner by Leo and a flamed 55 Chevy by Model Motoring.  [...]

Sorry for any inconvenience caused the last couple of days, but I had a hardware crash and had to recover the complete website.
Everything should be fine now - if you notice anything missing or errors, please let me know...

H0 Slotcars: Added a couple of entries for new and old chassis (Bauer Truck/Ultra-Low and JoeSlot TK-8)  [...]
...and changed the Bauer logos according to their new brands.

H0 Slotcars: I finally made it to finish up all these MEV kits - here is what came out along with a couple of other racers  [...]
...also a couple of new Auto Worlds from Looney Tunes and Sets  [...]
...some new Dash Cheetahs and Torinos  [...] Aurora TJet ´32 Ford Pickup  [...]
...two cars from Greg Gipe (Bel Air and Giulia)  [...]
...a Marx Rolls, a Model Motoring GTX as well as a converted Minichamps Porsche 911  [...]

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