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HO Slotcars: Added a lot of cars to sell/trade - Aurora TJet and Vibrators as well a a lot of JL Pullback cars  [...]

H0 Slotcars:Added a couple of new cars to the collection:
Starting with a couple of Aurora Vibrators (Jag, Stake Truck, Galaxie) and ThunderJets (Willys, Stake Truck, GTO, candy Jags, Ford J)...  [...]
... a couple of Road Race Replicas (Boss 429, Drag Maverick, Drag Mustang) ...  [...]
... a bunch of MEV Originals (Racers, Firebird, Monte Carlo, Torino, Nova, Chevy Pickup and Rampside, Parkwood Wgn, Checker Cab) ...  [...]
... a couple of Faller AMS (Porsche GTs, MB 190 SL, Jag, Ferrari GT, Ford 17M) ...  [...]
... a couple of Atlas 13xx (Impala, Grand Prix) ...  [...]
... a Marusan Prince Gloria, a Marx MB 300 SL, two Model Motorings (Pontiac ´World 2000´ and GTO Judge), a Dash VW Bus as well as a Resin Jaguar.  [...]

H0 Slotcars: Updated the Technical Infos - Chassis area by replacing a couple of pics (Atlas Zinger I), adding the emergency extension to the Faller flatanchor chassis and added the new Marusan chassis page - adapted the comparison page.  [...]

H0 Slotcars: Right after the AW Rel. #27, the new Auto World Release #28 ´Class of 1970´ arrived.  [...]

H0 Slotcars: After three months of waiting, the Auto World Rel. #27 ´Muscle Cars USA´ finally passed customs office and could be integrated into my collection.  [...]

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